Hank's pup


I thought I would give you an update on my puppy. He is now 14 weeks old and is doing great. He has been extremely easy to train. I have two very smart Golden Retrievers, but I have to say, I think he is just as smart. We sit down everyday to watch his dad on OLN and I think from these poses you might say he "favors his dad".

Thanks again for all your help and advice, you have gained a loyal customer. I'll be back for another one of these great dogs in the future.

Darrell Gillespie
Anthem, AZ

Mid-America Hunting Association

Hello Alfred,

I have enclosed two photos of one of your dogs. The first is the best point I was able to capture on film. He has had many a good looking point, I just have not been as good with the camera. The point is on a quail single after an immediately previous covey point, flush, shoot, retrieve and bag. This particular day was warm and windy. Not the ideal hunting conditions and it did not matter for your dog's performance.

The second is of a pheasant retrieve. One of the better photos of his retrieves as it is in a cut crop field.