Mid-America Hunting Association

Hello Alfred,

I have enclosed two photos of one of your dogs. The first is the best point I was able to capture on film. He has had many a good looking point, I just have not been as good with the camera. The point is on a quail single after an immediately previous covey point, flush, shoot, retrieve and bag. This particular day was warm and windy. Not the ideal hunting conditions and it did not matter for your dog's performance.

The second is of a pheasant retrieve. One of the better photos of his retrieves as it is in a cut crop field.

I have influenced 9 others about your Llewellins. Four have come back and told me they have or showed me one of your dogs. The other five did not inform me of their decision. Feel free to continue to use me as a reference.
I do not oversell the dogs and provide as objective of an evaluation as possible. Nonetheless, my next dogs will come from you.

The one question that has set a trend is which strain is my dog from. The answer has been it does not matter as I did not choose a strain, I selected the breeder. However, the other answer and the one that is wanted is the dog in the pictures and on the web site article is from your Dashing Drenett Bondhu, Irishking Bondhu Ashly line, litter 93-MM. Filed Dog Stud Book Registry # 1414849

Good Hunting, John Wenzel

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