"Training of A Llewellin Pup"
Start Your Llewellin Pup Off Right
I first wrote 'KINDERGARTEN OR PRESCHOOL, The Pleasure Continues" in 1994. The first5 of these steps was published in the "Summer of 1994" issue. Steps 6 through 10 were published in the "Fall of 1994" issue.

For this issue I had prepared an article from "English Setters" by Beverly Pisano on AKC style training, titled "OBEDIENCE TRAINING ~ AKC HUNT TEST STYLE". It runs parallel to the "KINDERGARTEN OR PRESCHOOL" article but with a different slant. This article will probably suit the more structured person, but keep in mind that by 7 months old your Llewellin should have the basics of this information behind it and, MUST be familiar with the field and come when called, know the meaning of whoa and therefore be ready to start in the field. Although in recent years more English Setter owners are interested in AKC Hunt Test Competitions, most English Setter/AKC Show dog owners are still not concerned with the field training of a dog. All together I hope this series of articles will fit your need for command training of your Llewellin.

In going over this I also discovered that my first article on "HOUSEBREAKING & SHOPPING LIST" (Spring 1994) is referred to. So, here they are, my first 3 articles on starting a puppy AND 'training' your family at the same time. THEN, there is the article that was in the "Winter 1999" issue titled, "CRATE TRAINING, Security OR Punishment"! This article elaborates on and answers questions I have been asked since the writing of "HOUSEBREAKING & SHOPPING LIST".

AND this brings to mind one of the most important aspects of pre-training for the Llewellin Setter. And of course we have already written about it. Therefore this issue seems to be taking shape as a "Training of A Llewellin Pup" issue. These articles titled "RETRIEVE & EXPERIENCE THE FIELD"(not published prior to this time) and "TRAINING BY GIVING EXPERIENCE" (Summer 1999); are both written by Alfred.

Last, but not least follows, "OVERCOMING vs. RELUCTANCE", an article on correcting certain problems.

I hope you find it all useful as well as making your Llewellin puppy experience run very smoothly.

Alfred & Drenda King