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I breed 100% Llewellin Setters for a companion family dog as well as a foot-hunting gundog.  The Llewellin is THE original English Setter with none of the breeding toward Show or Field Trial dogs. I have stood behind my dogs since 1965!

Guaranteed to Point, Back and Retrieve by the first year! 


An Avid ID Chip is inserted in each pup prior to time of transfer. 

Veterinary proof that the immunizations schedule that was provided with the pup has been followed must be provided to me in reference to any replacement.  Consideration on my replacement policy must be made if a dog has been treated for any disease that would interfere with the dogs scenting or mobility functions or should the recommended immunization schedule not have been followed.

Any dog returned must readily, boldly, and happily come to you or myself when called and must obey the most basic of commands; insuring that the dog has been socialized, worked with & handled.  Bonding at an early age is an extremely vital part of training a Llewellin. 

A field Llewellin should be provided with a fenced lot or kennel run in which to run & play daily. While crate training is appropriate for beginning a Llewellin pup it must also have access to a daily open area when you are away from home.  

All Llewellins pups must FIRST be given the opportunity to run the open fields in order to learn for itself what works and does not work in pursuit of birds BEFORE control training is enforced.

IF a dog does everything but POINT or is BIRD-SHY, too much control has been forced on the dog early on. The replacement guarantee will not be enforceable. Gun-Shyness and/or Bird-Shyness are man made and no dog will be replaced in either case. My Llewellins are sold for the purpose of a field-dog companion and foot-hunting dog only.

I do not raise Field Trial Dogs. 
I do not raise Show Dogs. 

While I DO NOT restrict breeding rights; I DO NOT sell or guarantee dogs for breeding purposes.  

Our 100% LLEWELLIN SETTERS are registered with IPDBA. 

Buyer and Seller hereby agree that in the event of any breach of contract, defect in the subsequent sale or any litigation whatsoever regarding any matter, any and all litigation will be held in a court of law in Faulkner County, Arkansas. 

By the purchase of any dog from King Llewellin Kennel buyer acknowledges acceptance of the above as the purchase agreement.  

By my signature I acknowledge and accept the above GUARANTEE & PURCHASE AGREEMENT this _______ day of _______, 20____.

Signed: _________________________________________

OR copy the following in your e-mail reply without deleting the above text. 

By my return of this e-mail I acknowledge and accept the preceding this _______ day of _______, 20____.

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