Bill King Post 2

Bill King July 8 at 11:17am This is to go with the other post of bloodlines carried by Dad: NOW I WILL GO INTO WHAT LINES OF THE MORE RECENT IMPORTED DOGS I HAVE. My first imported line was “DASHING COUNT BONDHU” which was imported back in the 1960’s. I acquired Count back in the 60’s , he was an older dog. I had an opportunity to get him and I SCRAPED together enough money to buy him. I still have his registration papers ( as I do on all of my old dogs and young dogs). He was a heck of an old birddog. He produced some of the finest pups a man could want. I bought him from Mr. Ira Griste of Sardis , Ms. My second imported line was the DENNIS WINDEM line I got from the same old gentlemen. He was a heck of a birddog also. My third imported line was DASHING JESSHUE BONDHU that I acquired from Chris Sorrenson (grandson of Mr. William Humphrey, who acquired all of Mr. Llewellins dogs at the time of the death of Mr. Llewellin..). As I have mentioned before, I thought I was on top of the world when I got this dog. Because I had my own import. My Dashing Ringold Bondhu line is from this dog. My fourth line of Dashing Bondhu was DASHING SWON BONDHU which was out of Dashing Mars Bondhu and Dashing Strath Bondhu which were direct imports from England. My fifth line was my DASHING KAY BONDHU which I acquired from Mr. Hunt in Texas , back in 1971. Then a few years ago I acquired a dog from Dr. Bickers in Indiana IRISHKING BONDH ASHLY. Which was a son of the Machad Ambassador the dog he had imported from the British Isles. I also have a female imported from the Isle Of Man in England called PENNY STAR OF DRAMORE. As far as I know this is the only Llewellin to come from the Isle of Man. A few years ago Mr. Lloyd Jones got some dogs from Mr. Darry Argue in Scotland. I got a female from Mr. Jones that I call “Scottie” . I also a year latter acquired a male dog direct import from Mr Argues kennel in Scottland called “Avid Indy”. I also have blood lines of Dashing Bondhus from Mr. Dick Biggs in Paragould, Ar. from his imported dog from England called COUNT OTHO. I also have blood lines from another dog that Mr. Dick Biggs imported called Assrah Wiley. I also have bloodlines form the dog called “NUTCRACKER”. I also have blood lines from DASHING RISE BONDHU, I also have bloodlines from TONIC. I EVEN HAVE A FEMALE OUT OF STEVES DOG REMUS. Named Beligumking Bell Bondhu. This shows you I am not prejudice of who imports a new line. I just want to try to maintain all of the Llewellin blood there is to be had , so that the next generation of birdhunters will have PURE Llewellins to hunt with and pass on to their children. As you see, Dad collected bloodlines from where ever he found them. At great expense. He never said he imported all of them himself, but rather that he acquired imports from other breeders. There were some that had a bloodline he did not have that would not sell to him. There were some he acquired but did not put into the program because he did not like "that particular dog", not the lineage.