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Bill King July 8, 2015 Llewellin Setters Owners Group FACEBOOK I wanted to post this excerpt from a letter Dad posted to a forum a long time ago. I WILL NOW GO INTO THE LINES OR STRAINS OF LLEWELLINS I HAVE ACCUMILATED OVER THE PAST 37 YEARS!! I will start with ( I guess you might say with my favorites , since they were the first Llewellins I acquired 37 years ago) the “Old” AMERICAN LLEWELLINS. These lines I acquired while I was a very young man, from the old breeders of Llewellins from the 1930’s till early 1970’s , after which they all had passed away. I was a Blessed young man at the RIGHT TIME AND THE RIGHT PLACE. When I got these lines all American birdhunters were going to the “WIDE RUNNING FIELD TRIAL DOGS”. I was just a young farm boy wanting foot hunting , loving, birddogs like my Grandfather had in 1907. As mentioned before I have a photo of him with a Llewellin Pup and a new Browning Sweet 16 shotgun. I acquired my American Llewellin from old breeders that were “DEDICATED LLEWELLIN ENTHUSIAST” back in the early 1960’s. I have acquired additional blood in past years, that were in remote areas, locked away from the world. For instantance 3 years ago Mr. Herb Anderson in Oregon called and told me about a Grande Rhode Blizzard male he had found back in the “back woods of Oregon”. I sent one of my female Blizzard s to him to breed to this dog, so I could have an outcross of the Blizzard lines I had already acquired years before. One of my first American Llewellins was the “BOMBER” line I acquired from Mr. L. V. Doan in Memphis , Tenn. Mr. Doan is the only one of the old Llewellin breeders that is still alive. This man has the best memory of Llewellin pedigrees of anyone I have ever know. He can, to this day, quote the pedigree of any old Llewellin he knew and most others also. We went to visit him this past weekend. He does not have any dogs now. About 3 years ago he called and told me to come get his last two. They were both over 10 years old. I am now into my fourth generation of Bomber line of dogs, with an average of close to 10 years between each generation. My present dogs from this line are Kings Bomber III and Kings Bomber IV. I am still breeding Bomber III and until he quits producing I will not breed my Bomber IV very much. Just enough to let me know he is propagating the type of pups that I will continue the Bomber line with. Another line of my Am. Llewellins is the “BLIZZARD” line. This line I acquired from Dr. Erisg of Toledo, OH. back in the 1960’s.. Most of these lines are white and Chestnut color. I have always tried to keep my lines looking like the original dogs I got from these old guys. Dr Erisg loved the Chestnut dogs so I have always kept chestnut colored dogs to replace the line with. I have done this with all of my lines. The wonderful thing about this is that when I replace an old dog with a younger dog I try to keep one that looks just like his Sire or her Dam. This enables me to hunt with a third or fourth generation of a line of dogs with the one I have now looking like his father and grandfathers. With doing this it makes me think I am still hunting with the old original dog I started with 30+ years ago. It is really a erie feeling !! My present stud dog in this line is “KINGS BIZZARD BLIZZ”. Another line of my Am Llewellins is the “ROYACELLE”. I acquired from Dr Barnard in Arab , Alb. back in the 1960’s. This line was on it’s way to becoming a NATIONAL CHAMPION, if Dr Barnard had not died. He won or placed in almost all of the “horse back trials” that he was entered in. The same dog you could foot hunt with. He would adjust to what ever terrain that you hunted him in. Heavy cover close open fields way off, but always in sight.. My present stud dog is “KINGS ROYACELLE IV”. Another line of my Am. Llewellins is the ‘’ TONY’ O”; I acquired from Mr. Harold Shaw in Oregon. This dog was on his way to being a Nat. Champion until Mr Shaw lost his only son in World War II. At that time he quit campaigning him. I have a photo of Tony’O on point with wind blowing from his back side , with his tail feathers blowing toward his head. In other words this dog had a heck of a nose on him. My present stud dog is “TONY O KING”. One of the biggest thrills in my life was when Mr. Shaw included me (a 20 year old boy) into their circle of old breeders, my name was in the “ROUND ROBIN LETTER” that they sent to each other, the letter stated “ YOU ARE ONE OF THE ANOINTED”. I still have the letter and probably cherish it more than anything in all of my Llewellin items I have ( of which I have a wealth of letters and literature on Llewellins from all of these old breeders). The other line of Am. Llewellins I have is the “GLADSTONE LINE”. This line is a formation of my own. It is a combination of all of the lines mentioned above. I might say it is my line of Llewellin Setters. It is a combination of all of the old American Llewellins combined into one with out an outcross to the Bondhus and more recent imported Llewellins. Look back at my pedigrees and see if you see any Dashing Bondhus or other recent imports in my American Llewellins. . The reason I call it "Gladstone Line” is because all of these lines descend back to the first Llewellins coming to America back in the late 1800’s. Which the first Llewellins to America were descendants of “GLADSTONE” and all of the above mentioned dogs are descendants of his. I could go more into detail on all of these lines, but not enough time to go into them. I have been in process of writing a second edition to my book ‘THE LLEWELLINS SETTER”. Health and family and moving to new farm have delayed it for awhile. As you can tell, by this list of about NINETEEN STRAINS OF LLEWELLINS, that the cost of raising my pups is greater than most smaller breeders. Out of the 19 strains, I maintain 10 distinct lines or strains of the Llewellin Setter. Of which out of each of these I keep a male and two females from each strain. If I just wanted to raise pups to make money all I need is two Stud dogs, so I could sell you an unrelated pair. But to maintain the lines I need males from every line. That is bottom line, I want to maintain these old lines , because of the promise I made to the old breeders that passed their lines to me. I WOULD ALWAYS KEEP THEIR LINES OR STRAINS GOING. Another great expense is maintaining 8 to 12 dogs that are over 12 years old up to 15 years old. Each of these dogs medical vet bill, cost me more than what it would cost to raise a whole litter of pups up to selling age. I still hunt the old dogs even the one that is 15 years old. I take her to a place where I know there are birds so she or he will not tire out. I just wanted people to get a glimpse of his dedication to the dogs he loved. I will post the imported lines later. Thank you.