The Setter

The Setter - Edward Laverack

The major factor to the historical importance of this book, subtitled "Notices of the Most Eminent Breeds Now Extant....." is: His was the first documentation of Setter Breeds in existence at the same time of their existence. He lists Histories, Owners, Characteristics, Colors, and other pertinent information. This book was written before the existence of any Kennel Club. The information in his book was used as the basis for the first Kennel Club Records. As noted in the Cover Story for the June, 1995 issue of the "The Llewellin Association Journal" Mr. Laverack was a dedicated breeder who studied and based his breed on the most perfect and longest existing line of Setters to be found. His was the only strain he termed the English Setter and was later termed the Laverack Setter. The Laverack blood was the foundation of the Llewellin Setter. King Publishing, Inc. offers the reprint of this book per the volume of requests. We had acquired some of the 1945 reprints through our Antique business which sold out very quickly. We have made every effort to hold the price to an affordable range. Price: $20.00 Postage: $2.00 or FREE with the order of The Llewellin Setter.